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ArcWatch - November 2010

Werner Enterprises Keeps On Truckin' with GIS
By Karen Richardson
Esri Writer

Seeing means everything at Werner Enterprises, Inc. With 9,000 trucks on the road delivering food and manufactured goods, the company decided it needed geographic information system (GIS) technology to better track and route its vast fleet. Werner began using ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server from Esri in many aspects of its business. Data such as the trucks' latitude and longitude is fed from the vehicles back to Werner headquarters, where the coordinates are geocoded, then displayed on interactive maps. The maps also display preferred fuel and maintenance stops. GIS technology also can identify which trucks have been diverted due to floods, rock slides, or other disruptions. That's important because route changes can lead to incurring out-of-route mileage—and increased costs. Read the article.

GIS technology keeps track of a large fleet of trucks for Werner Enterprises.

Tip of the Month

Save Time with Map Templates

Esri stopped supporting map template files (.mxt) at ArcGIS 10, switching instead to map document files (.mxd). Using the new .mxd templates saves time by automatically incorporating page layouts, basemaps, and data in new maps that your team creates. Read this tip.
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Bloggers' Corner

Get helpful GIS resources such as the new Election Results Viewer template for ArcGIS 10 by checking the Esri Local Government blog.

Parents Find Schools with GIS

Kings Canyon Unified School District in California uses a geospatial solution to help parents find which school their child should attend based on where the family lives. Assigned schools can be found within seconds using SchoolSite Locator, an Internet mapping application built on Esri's ArcGIS Server. All parents have to do is type their address into the district's online school locator. The names, street addresses, and telephone numbers of the elementary, middle, and high schools where they should send their children will pop up. Read the article.

Sign Up for GeoDesign

Architect Kimon Onuma will keynote the GeoDesign Summit, January 6–7, 2011, in Redlands, California. He will speak about geodesign and building information models (BIMs). Read the article. Urban planners, engineers, GIS professionals, landscape architects, academics, architects, and anyone else interested in learning about geodesign, which puts the power of GIS behind design, are welcome. Register today.

GIS Aids in Delivering Medical Supplies

Shalem Medical Supply in Sunnyvale, Texas, saves time, fuel, and money by using Esri's ArcLogistics to route deliveries of medical equipment and supplies to patients at home. "Our overtime costs dropped by at least 20 or 25 percent. It's decreased our fuel consumption and maintenance costs on the vehicles by 10 or 15 percent, if not more than that," says Zach Paton, the company's operations manager. Read the article.

Pipeline on Fast Track due to GIS, LiDAR

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline project is one of the largest engineering initiatives under way in Australia. It aims to increase the efficiency of water distribution in the Wimmera and Mallee regions. The pipeline was supposed to take 10 years to design and construct at an estimated cost of US$688 million. But when data-rich LiDAR and orthophotography were introduced into the project, which is managed in an enterprise GIS, engineers were able to fast-track the 8,800-kilometer (5,468-mile) pipeline, saving time, resources, and money. Read the article.


Going Green in Vermont

The Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont is an interactive Web site that lets people identify, visualize, and analyze data about existing and promising renewable energy opportunities for any town or county in Vermont. "We were looking for a way to show people how renewable energy flows through their communities so they can see the options for harnessing it," said Scott Sawyer with the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund. Read the article.

ArcGIS API for iOS Now Available

Use the ArcGIS API for iOS to build applications that utilize the powerful mapping, geocoding, and geoprocessing and customization capabilities that ArcGIS Server provides. Apple iPhone and iPad developers can build and deploy custom applications within their enterprise or via the Apple App Store. Learn more. Visit the ArcGIS for iOS forum.

New Release of ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint

Quickly and easily create, display, and share your information on interactive maps in SharePoint. Download now. Listen to the podcast.

Perform and Share Market Analysis Instantly

Esri Business Analyst Server 10 lets you perform some tasks such as benchmarking and market ranking in seconds. This release also includes new Flex and Silverlight software developer kits (SDKs) for creating rich Internet applications.

Access Demographic Reports and Maps On the Go

Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) subscribers can now access the full set of BAO market analysis reports and maps on an iPhone or iPad using the free BAO for iOS app.

Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS

Esri is accepting applications for the Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS (TG3) Institute, which will be held June 12–17, 2011, at Esri headquarters in Redlands, California.

GIS Nails the Story

The Philadelphia Inquirer used ArcGIS software to spot unemployment trends and determine where to send a reporter to do a story on the recession. Graphic designer John Duchneskie helped reporter Jan Von Bergen geographically pinpoint where she should interview people. She had planned to write vignettes about residents who lived along Route 202, a highway that links Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, Duchneskie's GIS analysis of government data showed that the unemployment rates had risen dramatically along Philadelphia's Main Line, a stretch of suburbia that runs along the Pennsylvania Railroad's old main line. "The entire area had a high increase in the percentage of unemployment claims. Right away, we could tell this was where the real story was," Duchneskie says. Read the article.

Web GIS Published by Esri

Web GIS: Principles and Applications, new from Esri Press, presents the principles, concepts, and techniques to expand and modernize a GIS using the Web. Topics discussed include geospatial and REST Web services; cloud computing; mashups; mobile GIS, Gov 2.0; business intelligence; virtual reality; volunteered geographic information (VGI); and geotargeting. Buy the book. Read this interview with Web GIS coauthor Pinde Fu.

Researchers Tell a Fish Story

Researchers used ArcGIS software to analyze fishing data from the Bay of Bengal, east of India. That data included the number of anglers and boats in a specific area, the quantity and species of fish that were caught, what type of gear the anglers used, and what time they got their catches. The Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy, and Learning (FERAL), which conducted the scientific research, determined that GIS and other technologies such as GPS would be helpful in managing India's fisheries and preventing overfishing. Read the article.

Mapping the Toughest Time for Turkeys [PDF]

Where are turkeys safest during Thanksgiving? View this map [PDF].

Technical Talk

Web GIS Grows in the Big Apple

The New York City Fire Department uses Web GIS in many ways, including planning for and providing situational awareness during events such as the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. The department maintains an enterprise GIS database that includes apparatus locations, administrative boundaries, streets, incidents, building footprints, hydrants, standpipes, and hospital resources. Read the article.

Building a VGI Web Site with ArcGIS 10In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of setting up a site that collects, manages, and serves volunteered geographic information.

Time in ArcGIS 10

Many problems and decisions involve both space and time. Watch this video, which demonstrates how the time-aware tools in ArcGIS 10 were used to monitor the response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Attend a Dev Meet UpDev Meet Ups will soon come to Miami, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Seattle, Washington. Use this link to find a free Dev Meet Up near you.

Managing Craft Beer Deliveries with GIS

In this video, Esri's Nate Bennett shows how a craft brewery's beer orders—listed in Excel spreadsheets—can be imported into Esri's ArcLogistics. After geocoding the data, ArcLogistics creates optimal routes for delivering the beer.

Submit an ArcGIS Idea Today

More than 1,630 ideas have been posted so far on the ArcGIS Ideas site, and 23,300 votes on them have been cast. See the latest ideas and submit your own.

Managing Craft Beer Deliveries with GIS

In this video, Esri's Nate Bennett shows how a craft brewery's beer orders—listed in Excel spreadsheets—can be imported into Esri's ArcLogistics. After geocoding the data, ArcLogistics creates optimal routes for delivering the beer.

Tip: Create and Share Map Packages

Follow Esri Mapping Center on Twitter

Spatial RoundtableNational Data Providers Face Increasing Demands

Mark Cygan from Esri leads a discussion about the greater demands on national mapping, charting, and geographic data production organizations to provide authoritative GIS data and Web services. Decision makers need this data to address issues related to national safety and security. Join him at the Spatial Roundtable.

Seeing Election Results in a New Way

County clerks, election agencies, and other local government organizations can use this free Election Results Viewer template for ArcGIS 10 to deliver a Web-based election reporting application. It is a JavaScript application and configuration of ArcGIS Server that provides election results information to the general public. The template offers a map-based view of election results. Users also can locate and zoom in to a voting precinct and see voting numbers summarized in a simple bar chart inside an information pop-up. With a click of the mouse, they can also view voter turnout percentages for the precinct in a pie chart.

Web Resources and More

A Move to the Cloud

European Union (EU) countries will be able to share environmental data more easily as the EU's European Environmental Agency works with Esri to improve the agency's environment map services in the cloud. Read the article.

Where People Vote [PDF]

This map [PDF] shows that Americans living in the Northeast turned out in greater numbers to vote in federal, state, and local elections in the last 12 months than voters living in the South. This data about voting patterns is available from Esri's Market Potential database.

Missed the ArcGIS 10 Seminar?

View all the resources from the Increase Productivity with ArcGIS 10 event, including slides, demonstrations, and handouts.

Podcast: GIS Assists Green Building

In this podcast, Chris Pyke from the United States Green Building Council talks about the great potential of using GIS for many aspects of green building, from design to modeling the performance of projects.

New Roads & Highways Resource Center Open

Turn to the Roads & Highways Resource Center for maps and applications to help you implement ArcGIS for transportation projects.

Take the Free Online SeminarEsri will host the live training seminar, Building and Updating Map Caches with ArcGIS Server 10, on December 9, 2010. Request a reminder.

Esri EdUC Lands on Wikipedia

Teachers, administrators, and students can learn about the history and purpose of the Esri Educational User Conference (EdUC) on its new Wikipedia page.

View the Esri-Powered Nature Conservancy Climate Wizard

Get a Free 60-Day Trial of Esri Defense Mapping

Hardware Offers

U.S. customers can take advantage of a special offer of ArcPad packaged with Trimble's new voice cellular capable Juno SD [PDF] and the option for GPS Analyst for ArcGIS Desktop. The Juno handheld is a durable, lightweight field computer GPS receiver for data collection in the field and mobile GIS. Learn more about all the Esri and Trimble offers.

Visit the Esri Store to find more software and extensions, upgrades, data, books, and hardware bundles.

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